Le parti Ecologique Ivoirien - (the Ivory Coast Greens Party)



FéPEV-RAO PEITo the Founding Congress of the

West African Greens Parties Federation FéPEV-RAO

On the occasion of holding the West African Greens Parties Congress in  Abidjan on the Ivory Coast


From 29th November to sunday 2nd December inclusive 2007,


The Ivory Coast Greens, on behalf of the West African Greens Party Organizers, invite all Greens parties and Global Greens, all African Greens parties and NGOs and particularly West African Greens parties and environmental NGOs to take part in discussions held in the Gulf Hotel.


Following on from the meeting in Bamako of Greens parties from the West African region 15-17th December 2006 which set up the FéPEV-RAO, the Congress in Abidjan, with participation by Global Greens aims to consolidate the FéPEV-RAOIn order to discuss the future, a new format for the African Greens Federation, Greens politics in Africa and the participation of the African Greens in the Global Greens Congress in Sao Paolo, Brazil in 2008.

           The objectives are to put all our ideas together and exchange programs with partners in the sub-region and around the world and together with our partners to set up one big Greens environmental movement, meet together regularly and exchange ideas, participate together in activities and events to improve Greens politics in the sub-region, have the influence to gain access into general regional organizations, such as the CEDEAO (Council for Entente) etc., and harmonize our programs and on-the–ground activities with Greens and

Environmentalists from Africa and around the world. Also, we wish to involve our populations and consider the realities in each country in such a way that the principles of environmentalism and Greens politics will be applied for the well-being of our region and the African continent.


Our ultimate aim is to re-unite at the African continental level. Setting up the West African Greens Parties Federation does not mean getting rid of the African Greens Federation. Africa is vast. Allowing regional federations to flourish and these small groups to be strong can only lead to a stronger African Greens federation.


The Congress is part of the process of mainstreaming environmentalism in general and Greens politics in Africa. It’s a process that will lead us towards setting up a truer, more committed, more representative and more collegial African confederation, made up of members from the various regional federations. One of the main aims of the FéPEV-RAO is to push towards this  initiative.


We’re counting on everyone’s active participation and on your solidarity for this Congress to be a success.

 If you have any queries about registering as a delegate, please contact us..




Confirmation of participation

To be returned by mail, fax or Email before 15th November 2007


To the Ivory Coast Greens Party - (P.E.I.)

Address : 04 BP 219 Abidjan 04 – Republic of  the Ivory Coast

FéPEV-RAOTel : 00 225 – 00 00 00 00   ou    00 225 – 00 00 00 00


Fax : 00 225 – 00 00 00 00    

By Email :





The list of participants and the program will be sent to you at least 10 days before the Congress is held

Surname and first names :

Party :


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Phone :







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·                   We need to know the exact number of participants, so we can reserve hotel rooms. To help the conference run smoothly, we require a participation fee of 60, 000 francs CFA (91.52 Euros) per person in cash on the day the congress starts, in exchange for the participation  badge which grants you access to the Congress hall.

·                   Please let us know your exact arrival and departure dates or the flight number by phone, fax or email  no later than two days before the congress, so  someone can meet you when you arrive and accompany you to the airport when you leave. In an emergency, please use the contact details for the Ivory Coast Greens Party.

Arrival date

Departure date

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PS : Accommodation costs will be met by the participants

All participants will staying at the same hotel

The rooms will be singles, twins or triples on request


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