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Friendship and Peace Congress


The First Congress

of the West African Greens Parties Federation  (FéPEV-RAO) in Abidjan – Ivory Coast

From Thursday 29th November to Sunday 2nd December 2007


The need to set up a West African Greens Federation arose from the realization that there was no organization grouping us together regionally.  After many months of emails and phone calls, a preliminary meeting became necessary and some of our partners in the West African region had requested it.

Africa is vast. Allowing regional federations to   be set up and small groups to flourish would allow the African federation to be stronger.

That’s why we met in Bamako on 15-17th December 2006 and produced the Bamako Declaration, thereby setting up the FéPEV-RAO.


The Bamako Declaration




Bamako 15 – 17th December 2006


Declaration of Bamako

17th December 2006

We, leaders and representatives of the West African Greens Parties, come from Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, Mali, Niger and Senegal, met in  Bamako from 15-17th December 2006 :

Aware of the need to:

-           set up a homogenous group and force without language barriers in West Africa ;

-           exchange ideas, devise and implement a common program ;

-           establish a framework of solidarity between all West African Greens Parties, concering their general activities and participation in various elections ;

-   ensure and develop optimal communications between Greens parties and Greens in the region ;

-         struggle to respect and preserve Greens politics in all its forms in Africa and West Africa, and thereby fit the sub-region into the context of African and global institutional integration ;

-        continue relations with all Greens in Africa and worldwide :


Let’s Decide Unanimously to:


1/ set up the West African Greens Parties Federation Federation, called the Fédération des Partis Ecologistes et Verts-Région Afrique de l’Ouest, abbreviated as : FéPEV-RAO ;


2/ convene in the first fortnight of August 2007, in Abidjan the Founding Congress of the West African Greens Parties Federation ;


3/ put in place the Organizing Committee to hold the Congress.


Signataries :

-  Mr Ram OUEDRAOGO, President of the Greens Assembly in Burkina Faso

- Mr Edmond Edouard N’GOUAN, President of the Ivory Coast Greens

-   Mrs Fadimata Bintou Touré DIALLO, President of the Greens Party of Mali

-    Mr Adamou GARBA, President of the Assembly for a Green Sahel (RSV-NI’IMA) Greens Party of Niger

-  Mr Pape Meissa DIENG, Political Secretary of the Greens Assembly of Senegal (RES)

-   Mrs Pascale TOUSSAINT observer, representative of ECOLO (Belgium)



Friendship and Peace Congress


Motion attached to the Bamako Declaration.


Bamako 15 – 17th December 2006


Motion on Toxic Waste Dumping on the Ivory Coast and the continued Hunting of rare and threatened wildlife in the countries of the West African sub-region.




            Those attending the meeting of West African Greens Parties organized from 15-17th December 2006 in Bamako intending to discuss the current situation facing Greens parties and African Greens in general :


            - Aware of what is at stake concerning the international trades in toxic waste and the disappearance of rare and threatened wildlife ;


-          Appreciating the environmental

conservation situation in the sub-region and the hunting policies of member countries, the participants unanimously agreed that despite numerous warnings, the limits to national policies in these arease are particularly due to:


  • a lack of precision in formulating



  • legislative and regulatory measures and to the flagrant violation of current legal texts concerning waste and hunting ;


insufficient consultation and coordination between different stakeholders: central administration, local authorities and structures supporting development in these areas

Consequently, we the Greens parties and Greens present at the meeting by the present declaration :

- Deplore and condemn the continuation of predatory hunting practices against populations of rare and threatened wildlife in certain of our countries.

Signed in Bamako on 17th December 2006


The Founding Congress which aims to set up the West African Greens Federation is an important step in the process to consolidate Greens politics in Africa.


We certainly aim to set up the federation, but also wish to take this first-time opportunity to bring together Greens from around the world in West Africa, to give this meeting an impact which will consolidate relations between African Greens and our partners throughout the world.


Why We Chose Abidjan

The Ivory Coast has gone through and is still undergoing what we could term an ecological crisis :identity crisis, frustration, political crises, country in turmoil, toxic dumping etc. It’s just the right place for the Global Greens to support their African partners, particularly those in West Africa so that we can gather together and demand respect for human rights through our Greens programs.


The scale we envisage for this meeting can only be attained through your participation and your presence at this congress.


Working for,  struggling for and promoting Greens politics in all its forms concerns each one of us, as we respect  the Global Greens Charter. In developing Greens Politics we can’t forget a continent, or our sturggle is false.

Thank you


The First Congress

Of the West African Greens Parties Federation  (FéPEV-RAO) in Abidjan – Ivory Coast

Congress Program

From Monday 26th to Wednesday 28th November 2007

- Welcome guests and take them to the hotel.

Thursday 29th November 2007

8 – 9 am

- Register delegates, welcome guests, Greens partners and Ivory Coast authorities into the Congress hall. Seating placements.

9 – 9: 10am : Welcome speech to Abidjan given by the congress organizer, Edmond Edouard N’GOUAN.

9:10 – 9 :30am : Welcome speech to the Ivory Coast, given by an Ivory Coast authority.

:30 – 9:50am : Proposed speech by Mrs Marie Hélène Aubert, Greens deputy in the European Parliament.

9:50 – 10: 00am Speech Opening the Congress, given by the President of the organization, Ram Ouédraogo.

10 – 10:20am : Coffee break, in the company of Ivory Coast authorities.

10:20 – 11 : 00 : Screen a film on environmental and social degradation on the Ivory Coast and in West Africa.

11 – 11:30am : Coffee break.

11:30 –  12noon : Environmentalism facing political crises in Africa (Exposé by Ed. N’GOUAN -  D. SYKELY).

12 – 12:30 : Greens general policies and sustainable development

12:30 – 2: 45pm : Lunch ;

2:45 – 3pm : Welcome and seat guests.

34:30pm : Press conference.

Themes : The point of view and solutions proposed by the Greens to crises in Africa. Sustainable solutions – on Greens politics in Africanatural resource management and developmentRelations between NGOs or environmental associations and Greens political parties.

4: 30 – 5:15 : Question and Answer session.

5:15 – 7pm : Visit  the banks of the lagoon.

7pm – Hotel.

8pm: Dinner.

Friday 30th November 2007

8– 8:15pm : Welcome and seat guests.

8:15 – 10pm : Messages and apologies from delegations (10 minutes each delegation).

10am –12:30pm : Visits to Ivory Coast authorities. (Presidential office - Parliament).

12:30 – 2 :30pm : Lunch.

2 :45 – 3pm : Welcome and seat guests.

Friday 30th November 2007 (continued)

3- 4pm : Screen a film on Global Warming and Question-Answer session (led by the Global Greens).

4-4 :45 : Debate on the future of the African Greens (Resolutions) and on new relations : Greens of the SouthGreens of the NorthAfrican Greens and Global Greens (Resolutions).

-Panel : Ram Ouédraogo – Fadimata Bintou  Tour-Diallo, President of the collective of Greens NGOs on the Ivory Coast, Mr Patrick Farbiaz – Global GreensGreens in the European Parliament.

4:45 – 5pm : Drive guests to the port.

5-6pm : Silent march from the Treichville bridge to the port entrance to demonstrate the  dissatisfaction of Greens worldwide with the dumping of toxic waste on the Ivory Coast and symbolically lay a floral wreath in front of the port, with media coverage. (Managers of this event, the Ivory Coast Greens : President Edmond Edouard N’GOUAN of the PEI – Désiré  SIKELY of the MEI – Dioba COULIBALY of the PPE – Dramane TOURE of the PEV – collective of NGOs and Greens associations on the Ivory Coast).

6pm : Return to the hotel. End of the day.

7:45pm : Dinner.


Saturday 1st December 2007

8 – 8 :15pm : Welcome and seat guests.

:15 – 9am : -  Debate on the status of the FéPEV-RAO within the Global Greens Federation (Fadimata Bintou  TOURE-DIALLO – Adamou Garba - Toussaint HINVI – Pape Meissa Dieng - Catherine GREZE and led by Ram OUEDRAOGO).

9– 9 :45am : - Debate to re-establish or boost the African Greens Federation and its participation at the Global Greens Congress in  Sao Paulo in Brazil from 1st –4th May 2008 : (Invited guests from the rest of Africa – Ali HAÏDAR, Laurent-Avit BOKONAS - Catherine Grèze – N’Gorongo MAKANGA, Anne GOEKE)

9:45 – 10 :30am : - Presentation of the Global Greens Congress on Climate which will be held in Sao Paulo in Brazil from 1st – 4th May 2008, preparations, invitations or registrations (Panel : Global GreensAmerican GreensEuropean Greens).

10 :30 – 11am : Coffee break.

11am – 12 :30pm : Revise and adopt Constitutional Statutes and Standing Orders for the FéPEV-RAO – Set up and adopt the logo – Set up committees to design projects and program activitiesset up a committee to draft resolutions.

12 :30pm : Leave for lunch.

Continued Congress Program

Saturday 1st December 2007  (Continued)

10: 30 – 11am : Coffee break.

11 :00 – 12: 30pm : Revise and adopt Constitutional Statutes and Standing Orders of the FéPEV-RAO – Propose and adopt the logo – Set up Committees to design projects and program activitiesset up a committee to draft resolutions.

12 :30pm : Leave for lunch.

2:45 – 3pm : Welcome and seat guests.

3- 3:15pm : Read and adopt resolutions.

3:153:30pm : Coffee break.

15:30 – 5pm : Candidacy, campaigns and election of  voluntary office bearers within the FéPEV-RAO. Elections supervised and ratified by our invited guests from the Global Greens.

55:15pm : Announce the results

5:15 – 5:45pm : Consult to form the Executive Committee and annexes of the FéPEV-RAO.

5:45 – 6pm : Announce the Executive Committee and its annexes by the President of the elected Executive Committee.

67pm : Congratulations and drinks.

7pm : End of the day.

7:45pm : Dinner.

Sunday 2nd December 2007

9:45 – 10am : Welcome and seat guests.

9:45 – 10:30am : Read resolutions, announce activities for the next 2 years (Pape Messa Dieng) – budget of the FéPEV-RAO.

10:30 – 10:45am : Coffee break.

10:45 – 12:30pm : Speeches by guests from different geographical zones.

12:30pm : Lunch.

2:302:45pm : Welcome and seat guests.

2:45 – 4:45pm : Press conferenceProclamation by the  FéPEV-RAO – Global Greens Congerence – Journalists.

4:455pm : Leave for Yopougon.



Australian Greens

Somalia Green Party

Les verts du Benin
Benin Green

Verts du Maroc
Morrocco grens party

Federation of the Green Parties of the Americas

USA Greens

Vert de Colombie
Colombian Oxygen Greens Party

Mexican Green Party


Ivory Coast Greens Party

The Actions in english
the Invitations in english
the  Congres  Program

5pm : March to Respect  Human Rights and  Peace.

- Welcome at the end of the march by a government authority and  municipal authorities. Speechnibbles or cocktails.

 (Managing this event, the Ivory Coast Greens: President Edmond Edouard N’GOUAN of the PEI – Désiré  SIKELY of the MEI – Dioba COULIBALY of the PPE – Dramane TOURE of the PEV – collective of NGOs and Greens associations on the Ivory Coast).

  • 7pm : End of the Congress. Return to the Hotel.

    7:45pm : Dinner.

  • Monday 3rd to Wednesday 5th December 2007

    Upon request, guests may be accompanied to the airport.
  • PS :
  • On the fringes of the Congress, Press Conferences will be organized for certain Western political figures to give their point of view on the crisis on the Ivory Coast. Meetings will be arranged for  them with Ivory Coast authorities.
  • Also on the fringes of the Congress, a delegation will be appointed to go and place a floral wreath on the memorial monument to   220 housing blocks in memory of the Martyrs on the Ivory Coast and on the stele for the 9 French nationals killed in the bombing of  Bouaké.

The Organizational President, Mr Ram OUEDRAOGO will be Moderator of the program.


This program is not definitive. Anyone can suggest deletions or modifications. We are waiting for amendments from everybody, including the Global Greens. Other changes will be made according to the schedules of the Ivory Coast authorities and depending on the local situation.

The dates set for the Congress cannot be changed.


The Organizers

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