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West African Region

Dear friends

We invite all the leaders of Greens political parties and environmental associations in Africa and around the world, and specifically those in Africa and the region of West Africa to the very important Founding Congress to officially register the Federation of Greens Parties and GreensWest African Region (FéPEV-RAO)from Thursday 29th November to Sunday 2nd December 2007 inclusive. in Abidjan on the Ivory Coast.

The program for the meeting will cover from the official registration of the Federation to a more informal gathering of Global Greens to talk about Greens politics in Africa and throughout the world, partnership relations and cooperation between Greens in the north and the south and particularly discuss the African federation, political crises and reconciliation on the Ivory Coast, in Africa and the world.


The program will also address:  

-         Adoption of the Constitutional Statutes and Standing Orders of the Federation

-         Devising the 2008-2209 activities program

-         Setting the budget for theFéPEV-RAO

-         Conference debates

-         A meeting between Ivory Coast and African NGOs with their Western partners

-         A Conference on environmentalism in general and on Greens politics, led by our partners the Greens parties and Greens of Europe

-         A conference attended by environmental associations and NGOs on Global Warming and the need for ecological programs

-         Press conferences

-         A meeting with the Ivory Coast political authorities

-         A united demonstration at the port against toxic waste and a visit to the places where toxic waste was dumped

-         A march is planned in Yopougon to denounce the non-respect of Human Rights, political crimes and mass graves throughout the country

-         Reports on the political situation on the Ivory Coast, in West Africa and in Africa

-         A debate on setting up the new African Greens Federation.

-         Reports by the Global Greens, African Greens, European Greens

-         Representation of the Federation on Global Greens bodies and in African and sub-regional organizations

-         Participation of Africans in the Global Greens Congress in Sao Paolo, in Brazil 1-4th May 2008.

-         Memberships etc...

This program is not exhaustive. All amendments and recommendations will be appreciated.

Greens Greetings

By Adamou Garba
esident of the RSV-NI'IMA, Greens Party of Niger
Former Secretary-General and Coordinator of the African Greens Federation
Co-Founder of the FéPEV-RAO.
ry of the Bamako declaration

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